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For over seventeen years we’ve been working to help you settle in and enjoy

our lovely town and all it’s electronic needs. But as

time goes by we find ourselves being unable to provide

all the wares you require for day to day life, so in the

addition of our home and in house service. We will

instead be focusing more on personal care, repair and

set-up of purchased personal computers or laptops.

With the same location comes the same hands on

expertise that you’ve come to know or are just discovering for the first time.

Instead of directly on Main Street please take the alley to the right of the

building and drop by at our regular store hours, or if you are too busy to do

so reach us at our e-mail or telephone number listed on the contact page.

Being in the area for as long as we have, ( 44 years ) we know what it’s like when nothing works for you. So let us be the one thing that can. Contact  519-909-9046                        dave@eatoncomputers.com            
About Us